This page contains some of my work that can be publicly shared. Unfortunately, large policy simulation models are generally not available for downloads.

Empirical dynamic modelling

edm implements a series of tools that can be used for empirical dynamic modelling in Stata. The command keyword is edm, and should be immediately followed by the subcommand explore or xmap. A dataset must be declared as time-series or panel data by the tsset or xtset command prior to using the edm command, and time-series operators including l., f., d., and s. can be used (the last for seasonal differencing).

The edm command can be installed in Stata via the command ssc install edm. The source code is available from RePEc.

Microsimulation alignment

alignmicro implements some of thecommon microsimulation alignment algorithms for binary variables as described in Li and O’Donoghue (2014) in Stata. The command creates a binary variable as an output, based on the original probability, overall target probability, and the alignment method selected.

The alignmicro command can be installed in Stata via the command ssc install alignmicro. The source code is available from RePEc.

Rates decomposition

rdecompose implements the Das Gupta’s rate decomposition method for aggregated data in Stata. The command reports the contribution of each specified variable to the aggregate value. The command keyword is rdecompose. It should be immediately followed by the names of the variables (factors) that contribute to the rates. The population indicator also must be included in the option group. For more information is available from Li (2017)

The rdecompose command can be installed in Stata via the command ssc install rdecompose. The source code is available from RePEc.

NOTE: A standalone version of the rate decompostion program (no dependency on Stata) is also available upon request.


STINMOD+ is a microsimulation model that calculates the effects of tax and transfer policy on disposable incomes. It comprehensively models the tax and transfer system in Australia and includes all personal taxations and federally administered welfare payments other than NDIS. The model replicates the implementation of the programs in real life, incorporating elements such as income testing and asset testing. STINMOD+ can also be linked with other economic and behavioural models.

STINMOD+ offers an online access version from its website. The availability of the remote access client which allows unit record access is subject to the approval of NATSEM.


Symberra is a cloud based simulation scripting platform that some friends and I developed. It has the ability to handle very large dataset and can scale automatically to a cluster of computing servers. The platform also offers intuitive UI and very compact scripting syntax. The project is still under development.